An Introduction to the SNR Collaborative

The Role of the SNRC in Supporting Licensed Child Care Programs in Waterloo Region

In the world of early childhood education in Waterloo Region, the SNR Collaborative (SNRC) is an important support system for licensed child care programs in our community. With a mission to ensure that every child, regardless of their abilities, thrives in their early learning environments, the SNRC works diligently alongside educators, caregivers, families, and other caring adults.

The SNR Collaborative is made up of professionals from both KidsAbility and KW Habilitation.  At its core, the SNRC is dedicated to promoting the well-being and development of children in licensed child care settings.  We do this with an approach that includes:

  • Collaboration: The SNRC partners with a network of educators, caregivers, and families to create cohesive support systems tailored to the unique needs of each child.
  • Professional Learning and Resources: Providing continuous professional development opportunities, the SNRC supports child care educators and caregivers with the latest knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to address diverse developmental needs.
  • Coaching and Support: Through personalized coaching and ongoing support, the SNRC empowers caregivers and educators to implement best practices and strategies that foster inclusive and effective early learning environments.
  • Belonging: A key aspect of the SNRC’s work is to ensure that every child feels a sense of belonging and is supported, regardless of their abilities.

Accessing the SNRC

Navigating the resources and support provided by the SNRC is streamlined through SNAP, the central point of access for all SNRC-related services in licensed child care. Whether you are an educator with a concern about your classroom management, a home child care caregiver looking for support in your home program environment or a caring adult with a concern about a child, SNAP serves as the gateway for the comprehensive services available at the SNRC.

Key Resources: Monitoring and Supporting Child Development

Understanding and tracking a child’s developmental milestones are crucial for early intervention and support. The SNRC provides invaluable resources to assist in this process, including:

Our Website

Caring adults, early learning professionals, and community partners can access resources on the SNRC website.  We have vetted resources to make sure we’re only sharing the best information and it is important to us that when you’re searching for resources for a child in your life, that you can trust in the quality and value of the information we’ll be sharing.


When to Seek Help and How to Refer

Early intervention can make a significant difference in a child’s development. If you have concerns about your child’s progress or development, the SNRC encourages you to reach out for support. If your child is attending licensed child care or, seeking to enroll, and you notice developmental concerns, contact SNAP. The team at SNAP will guide you through the process of exploring available supports and resources tailored to your child’s needs.

Describing SNRC: Collaborative, Responsive, Supportive

In three words, the SNRC can be described as:

  • Collaborative: Fostering partnerships with all partners in a child’s development.
  • Responsive: Adapting to the evolving needs of children, families, caregivers and educators.
  • Supportive: Providing unwavering support to ensure the success and well-being of every child in licensed child care.


The SNRC’s dedicated efforts in Waterloo Region show the importance of a collaborative, responsive, and supportive approach in early childhood education. By working closely with all involved in a child’s early years, the SNRC ensures that every child has the opportunity to thrive and feel a true sense of belonging. For more information or to access SNRC services, remember that SNAP is your central point of contact. Let’s continue working together to build a bright future for our children.

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